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Who We Are?

Platinum Credit Resources LLC, is a consumer credit repair agency based out of Chicago, IL.  The company was founded by Bryandie Cox-Walker.  Bryandie Cox-Walker has two master’s degrees and has over 15 years’ experience in Income Tax Preparation, Financial Services and Management.  She is also well diversified and educated in the area of personal credit repair. She and her team are defiantly a group of individuals that you would want to oversee your credit profile.

The company office and mailing address is in the City of Chicago, but currently all services are done remotely.  If an in-person meeting is requested one of members of our staff will be happy to meet with you via Zoom, Messenger and/or Facetime.


Mission Statement: Our Mission is to provide Legal, trustworthy, quality credit repair services with great speed, and at an affordable price, to help individuals with tarnished credit reports and scores restore their credit rating and build positive credit foundations which will allow them to reach their personal financial goals and move toward the lifestyle they desire. 

Vision: To be a well-known trusted company for many years to come, while educating as many individuals as we can on the pros and cons of maintaining a positive credit score and a clean credit report.

When Your Credit Comes Crashing, Why Not Let A Trusted Credit Repair Service Save The Day?

We are one of the best credit repair companies near you!  We specialize in rendering exceptional, trustworthy credit repair services. Being fully dedicated to finding the best financial solutions, our approach is tailored to attack everyone’s negative credit score and or report to ensure change. Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, qualify for a low interest mortgage or vehicle, get funding for your business startup, or just want to overall improve credit score, we are here to assist. We are that one-stop credit repair in Chicago, that will help you actualize your desires.

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