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When it comes to credit repair, what you don’t know can hurt your finances

Your credit score comes from your credit report; it is your spending and repayment report card. Credit reports often aren’t correct, and incorrect information can hurt your score. We make sure the your credit report contains correct information so you’ll have the highest score possible. Through credit counseling, we help build good accounts and our credit repair resad accoueaving you with the highest score possible!

Our Start-up fee is $250.  The monthly fee is $150 per month. Be sure to follow us on social media to learn about any promotions and or discounts available. 

There are many things that can affect your credit score, but for now let’s go over the main negative and positive factors.

-Negative- Collections, Charge- offs, Repos, Loans, Delinquent accounts, closed account, Medical Bills and Late Payments.

-Positive- Long and Positive Credit History, Low Credit Utilization, Positive Trade Lines, On-Time Payments and Paying More Than the Monthly Minimum On Payments.

Each person’s credit report is different and each item on the report holds a different weight. If your score isn’t rising or is declining slowly; the main issue causing this is simply that the weight of the negatives is outweighing the positives. If you have been making your payments on time, but your credit utilization rate is above 30% then you may see a slow increase. If you are to remove any negative items but don’t have much positive credit recorded underneath, then you may experience a small decline in your score or a very small increase. On the other hand, if you remove many negative items and underneath you DO have positive credit, your score will rise 90% of the time!

In order to set up your account you will need (Pick One for identification):
Driver’s License or State ID (Front and Back), Military ID or Passport


Address verification (Pick One):  Utility Bill (Electric, Water or Gas) or most recent bank statement.

NO, there are no binding contracts, you are allowed to cancel service at anytime with no questions asked.  There is a customer agreement that must be signed.  The customer agreement outlines our responsibilities as well as your responsibilities as a customer while receiving credit repair services at Platinum Credit Resources LLC.

Your payment history is one of the most important credit scoring factors. Having a long history of paying different types of accounts on time can help you build excellent credit, while missing payments can hurt your credit.

If late payments are hurting your scores, removing late payments from your credit reports may be an option. For example, if a creditor reported you late when you paid on time, you can file a dispute with the credit bureau to get your credit report corrected.

The first step in figuring out how to remove a late payment from a credit report is to review your credit report and now what should—and shouldn’t—be there.

Every situation is different, but most customers see an increase in their credit score within the first 45 days of signing up for credit repair.  The reason we cannot provide you with an exact time frame because credit scores are based on five factors that impact the actual score, these five factors include, length of credit, types of credit, new credit, payment history and amounts owed.

Because everyone’s reports are unique, scores will range differently each month for each individual. We have had clients with points ranging between 30-90 points each reporting period. It all depends on what is reporting, revolving credit, utilization and other factors. That is why Platinum Credit Resources hold your hand every step of the way so that you can get the best results as possible.

We provide each customer with one FREE credit consultation and a free credit review if you have your credit report handy.

Send us an Email or call us on the phone to submit the request.

A customer can only request a refund within 3 days of paying the start up.  There will be ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS GIVEN AFTER 3 DAYS OF SIGNING UP because services have already begun and there is no way to reverse the effects of service provided.  There will be NO REFUNDS given for monthly payments.  Monthly payments cannot be refunded because payments are billed a month after service has been provided.

Although it is suggested to let the professional’s repair your credit, Yes, you are able to repair your own credit. Here is a site that provides your with FREE Credit Repair software that is similar to what the pro’s use www.PlatinumScoreDIY.Com

Unfortunately, the credit reporting system just doesn’t work that way. When you pay your debt, the negative credit listing doesn’t disappear. There is little difference between a paid negative item on your credit report, or an unpaid one. If you can afford to pay off your debts, we would always advise you to however.

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