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How It Works

Step One:

Sign up for a free credit consultation.  Try to have a copy of your credit report handy and able to send a copy to one of our reps. At that time, they will review your report and provide you with a brief summarization of what is going on, how to fix it and answer any questions you have at that time.

Step Two:

If you haven’t already, Pull your credit report. Sign up for our SERVICES! Get access to our online portal, receive your FREE comprehensive credit analysis and get ready to begin your credit repair journey!

In order to set up your account you will need (Pick One):  Driver’s License or State ID (Front and Back), Military ID or Passport AND Address verification (Pick One):  Utility Bill (Electric, Water or Gas) or most recent bank statement.

Step Three:

Once we receive a copy of your credit report or you connect your credit monitoring account, we will begin the dispute process.  During the dispute process we will create legal and effective dispute letters and send them to the proper creditors and credit bureaus.  The credit bureaus and/or creditors then have 30 days to respond, after that the negative item is either removed from your credit report or we will take the next course of action to have it removed.  We will continue to aggressively dispute each item month after month if you are an active client.

Step Four:

Work on keeping current balances low, obtaining positive credit accounts and watch your score grow like never!

Where can I pull my credit report?

Click to Sign up for one of the credit monitoring services listed below:

Although most companies most credit report companies will allow you to pull your credit report free of low cost for 7 days, it is best and preferred that you keep your credit monitoring service while you are in credit repair so you will be able to better keep track of the credit repair process

Things not to do while Actively Repairing Your Credit

  • Do not allow anyone to run your credit that will cause a hard inquiry
  • Do Not Co-Sign for anyone while in Credit Repair
  • Do not apply for any new credit cards and or accounts
  • Do not Close down any old credit cards
  • Do not file any disputes that are not legitimate
  • Do not hire 2 different companies to repair your credit at the same time
  • Keep all monthly payments current, do not miss any payments, do not pay any bills late

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